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Big Island trip

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This was my third time to go to Big Island, and the second time to go with Adam.  We had not planned our activities before we went, thinking that we could plan on the plane.  However, unlike our last trip, there was no magazine that introduces Big Island for us to pick on the plane, so we were not able to plan.  After arriving at Big Island, we waited so long to pick up our rental car, and when we arrived in Kona, we were all tired.

Without knowing where to go, me, Adam and my mom just drove and cruised around, while my dad stayed at the hotel to rest.  There was not much to do in Kona, or I should say we did not do much in Kona. 

The next day, we drove to The Hawaii Volcanoes National Park.  We tried to walk close to the edge of a crater, but the sulfar air made us hard to breath.  We also visited some steam vents, walked through a lava tube, walked for about a mile to see the smokes generated by the hot lava flowing into the sea.  By the time we went back up and continued our trip to Hilo, the sky turned dark.  The road was so dangerous without street lights.  The worse part was, right after I turned to the main road, I could not see anything farther than 8 feet.  We were either in clouds or in fog.  I was driving downhill at only 35miles/hr, while the speed limit was 50miles/hr.  Normally, I would drive at 5-15 miles/hr exeeding the speed limit, but I was soooo scared because I was not familiar with the road, and I was holding 4 lifes on my hands.  I thank God that He kept us all safe.  After arriving Hilo, it was too late to find good food.  We just ate something to fill up our stomach and went to the hotel. 

The next day, after visiting some falls, we were heading back to Kona.  We tried to go to the Northern part of the island, Kohala. However, I led to a wrong road, which only directs us to the airport, not Kohala.  Since we did not have enough time to turn back, we could only go straight on the road.  Gee, I think I am better at driving than reading the maps…

Safely coming back from Big Island, I thank God for keeping us safe.  I also think that my parents enjoyed the time off, to see the amazing nature that God had created, and to spend time with me and Adam.  I think the trip was worthwile.

akaka fall

Hawaii Volcanoes National Park

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Let me just put down the wedding preparation, and write some other things.  After I finished my lunch today, Adam suddenly appeared in front of me, with lots of sweats, and a rose.  I did not expect to see him today, but he appeared, what a surprise.  I don't know what's the trick with flowers, whenever I receive it, it melts my heart.  It is just so "lum" to see the flower in the office, made me smile all afternoon.  Tomorrow will be our trip to Big Island with my parents, I hope we will have a great time!

Another busy day

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返工忙也是好的, 有得忙, 加人工才有望嘛… 我 compile d code 同 server down 既時候, 實有skype你, 今日警鐘誤鳴後也聊了兩句… 比起很多人, 我們已經很幸福了…
xanga 頂頂的廣告太礙眼, 不如自己做, 自己 host 自己的 blog… 花了成兩個鐘, 才安好 wordpress, 叫做見得人… http://www.uhme.com/adamandmh/

最理想還是有自己的domain name比較好… 但一下子想不到一個合心水的, 你覺得 adamandmh.com 好唔好? 還想了一些 mhadam.com, adammh.com, hcmh.com, hoandmei.com, homei.com, auwong.com…

Domain name

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I don’t have much prefrence, but I prefer not to use “and" in the middle lor… what about adamh? homei is fun too, since you review restaurants from time to time…

Another black day

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This morning I gotta wake up a little early to take my car to service. The rear wheel is making noise while going over bump. It’s been like that for a few months already, I thought it was normal, so I did not care about it. But every time I have passengers in my car, they would ask me what noise was at my rear wheel. I finally took the car to service. I personally estimated that it would cost me between 200 to 300. While I was driving to the shop, the engine light was up. I was thinking, no way… would it cost more than 400 this time??? After dropping off the car at the shop, Adam picked me up to church (Oh, I am so “hung fook!"). Around lunch time, while I was still flyers for this coming week’s evengelistic movie nights, the shop called me, “The total it cost to fix the two things in your car is around 700 to 800, do you want to fix it?" Good question… I mean, I want to fix it, but do I want to fix it by you? My mind was then splitted into two parts. I had to tell myself to concentrate on distributing the flyers since that is more important. God should take care of my car, and my wallet…

I finally called the shop to fix it. Adam is right, I should be thankful since I am able to pay the charges. It’s not that I am not able to pay it, but I just want to use the money on other things. God is the provider, He knows what I need. I believe He will give me those things that I need when it is time…

The shop does not have the parts now so I have to bring the car in again when the parts arrived… *sigh*


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從妙手仁心中程至美醫生學到的一句話, 現在大概成了我的佐佑銘: 錢解決到的問題即係唔係問題

對於每日為口奔馳的你和我, 大概會覺的這句話不對, 因為我們每日大部分的問題和煩腦正正是無錢…

但對於一個每日面對生死的程醫生來說, 這句話卻有另一個含意…

上兩個星期去過老人院, 看到終日臥病在床的老人… 有一日, 我也會是這樣, 今日有生命, 有體力, 要好好的享受…


所 以 我 告 訴 你 們 、 不 要 為 生 命 憂 慮 、 喫 甚 麼 、 喝 甚 麼 . 為 身 體 憂 慮 穿 甚 麼 . 生 命 不 勝 於 飲 食 麼 、 身 體 不 勝 於 衣 裳 麼 。 (馬太福音 6:25)

吳文超在信報月刊發表了一文 – 耗能結構理論及其應用 – 宇宙, 地球和人類社會進化的整體觀 – The Theory of Dissipative Structure and Its Implications (A holistic view of evolution in cosmic, earth and human social dimentions)
吳文超是聯合國前資深翻譯員, 相信亦是無神論者, 這文可以評一評… 先擇其原文中的一節:

Implications for Religious Belief

The theory of dissipative structures links the psychological/spiritual experiences with the consumption of energy. Creative processes of the brain depend on the continuous supply of energy. If energy supply is terminated, the brain will stop functioning and the body would decompose.

All major religions began in the early age of human civilization, incorporating ancient beliefs of supernatural beings and speculations about the origin of life and the universe. The desires to know and to control the uncontrollable have spawned numerous religions and religious leaders. The need to know and answer the questions of ※Who am I?§ and ※What is the purpose of life?§ have driven thinkers to explore the essence of existence. To be on the side and supported by an all-powerful God would certainly help leaders to govern the masses and to defend and attack internal and external enemies. Social and spiritual needs have been behind the creation of religions and are also the reason d*etre of their continuous existence. Even today, one should not belittle the power of religious faiths, particularly when integrated with secular and political interests. However, as the saying that ※the truth shall set you free§ goes, we would like to compare these religious beliefs with the concept of dissipative structures.

Taking Christianity as an example, it has a poor track record vis-角-vis scientific discoveries. Its myth of Creation was proved wrong by the theory of evolution. The rejection of the geologically and biologically proven theory of evolution by the Christian Church appears to lie in its claim that man was created in the image of God. However, at the time when dinosaurs roamed on Earth some 65 million years ago, man was nowhere to be seen. Would dinosaurs think their Creator was a supernatural dinosaur instead?

Also, the Church once upheld the geocentric view and persecuted the proponents of a heliocentric view. These errors made by the Church were primarily of speculative and emotional origin without rational scientific foundation. Today, energy dissipative computers enable us to acquire deeper insight into the complex processes of human thought and consciousness. We can safely infer that if the condition of life after death exists, such an existence must have a way to utilize and dissipate energy. Hence the belief of life after death contradicts the theory on dissipative structures. The so-called out-of-body experience requires a living host that is dissipating energy. No evidence ever exists to indicate that the all-powerful God and other lesser saints are dissipative structures themselves. Without the means to utilize available energy, ghosts and demons do not have independent existence beyond human fantasy.

Granting the need for internal moral control before misdeeds are done, it would be better if we can build our belief on firmer scientific ground than that of ancient religions. One alternative is to believe in ※Divinity within oneself§. Such a belief incorporates the concept of human species evolving towards a higher state of ※divine§ existence, transcending its animalistic instincts and hereditary selfishness. Also this belief emphasizes the reverence for life, amid which the human species is only one of numerous life forms. Reverence for life agrees with the principle of protecting the environment and the whole interdependent biosphere. Another cornerstone of modern belief is the law of causality 每 or the karmic law in oriental philosophy. Karmic law is universally applicable and is routinely used in scientific investigations. When applied individually, as for example eating contaminated food causes diarrhea, the cause and effect is easily identified. Most other cases are more complex with causes explainable upon intensive investigation. Karmic law incorporates a statistical mode called collective karma. Examples of collective karma include the spread of and the infection by a contagious disease; the experience of some ethnic or national groups encountering retributions. It is crucial to identify the causal links, and act on them to create desirable results in accordance with the perceived goal of the cosmic evolution.

Source: http://www.yukexue.org/MajorArt/DissiStruc/English/Prigogine-e.htm


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完本xanga都用得好好, 但那個頂頂的廣告太不合心意, 又不想俾錢xanga賺, 不如自己做…

Another slow day

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Yup, another slow day.  Today, I am kind of prodcutive however, on doing my own stuff.  I searched online for companies that will take online orders for wedding invitations.  Kind of getting an idea of what the designs are and how much they cost.  Per Adam, he wants me to put down the websites here so he can access more easily.  Although I don’t understand how more difficult it would be to get it from his email, well, whatever…  Here are the sites, from Hong Kong companies as well as Taiwan companies: